Acting Classes?

There are many, many, many acting Classes in Los Angeles and it Can often be very confusing and frustrating, there are also many scammers out there trying to get your money, so how do you pick a class that is right for you? well luckily if you are on this website we have narrowed down the classes for you and all classes listed on here have been pre approved and are respected in the industry, but there are yet still many to select from. Commercials pay the Bills! believe it or not Union commercial usually pay more than Television and Film guest stars when you take residuals into consideration and auditions for them are more accessible than TV & Film, is the premiere web serviced used by commercial casting directors and agents for commercial submission, so a friendly suggestion may be to start off by taking a commercial acting Class here are among the top commercial classes,

-Stuart K. Robinson

-Mike Pointer

-Killian McHugh

-Carolyne Barry

Theatrical (TV & Film Auditions and representation) Ones you acquire theatrical representation as a newbe, you will likely began to go out for Under Fives, (Uner 5 Lines) Auditions so it may be wiser to pick up a cold reading or a audition technique class as these are minor parts to build your resume!

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