The ATA has partnered with artists and their respective unions and guilds for nearly 70 years. ATA agents are in the market place every day creating and securing opportunities for their clients. That is at the heart of what ATA agents do. ATA provides its members with up to date information and together we work to adapt to the ever-changing market place for the combined success of the agent and the client. In an era of media consolidation and vertical integration, agents are the artists’ strongest partner.
Though ATA is a voluntary association, its members must abide by all applicable stringent rules and regulations. New members are required to present all required licenses, other documents, referral letters and more.

-ATA Website


Most of the Top Agencies are NOT SAG Franchised. NONE of the Big 5 (William Morris, UTA, CAA, Endeavor, ICM), none of the B Agencies (Gersh, Paradigm, Stone Manners) and None of the Top Agencies under those (Abrams, Diverse, APA, KSR, etc.) They’re all ATA.


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