Becoming SAG-AFTRA

The Screen Actors Guild is the Actors Union which most major networks negotiate the payment and residual contracts for the actors on their network television, commercials and film. to join the Screen Actors Guild is a Mildstone in an actors life and should only join if one is ready to compete with the professionals, to become eligible to join one must fulfill one of the following

1) To get casted as a principal performer on a SAG, AFTRA  or SAG-AFTRA Signatory Television show, commercial, or film and work under a union contract known otherwise as a taft heartily


2) to acquire 3 background vouchers on a SAG, AFTRA or SAG-AFTRA Signatory Television show, Film, or commercial. This means that YOU GOT PAID UNION BACKGROUND RATE and not the minimum wage rate.

Or you can Become SAG-AFTRA yourself through a web series at no taft heartily cost!

3) You may also file to produce a SAG-AFTRA web series from the SAG-AFTRA Website and acquire Eligibility on your own project

A, go to

B, Under CONTRACTS scroll down to NEW MEDIA


Follow the Steps

( you must have at least One Actor who is already in the Union)





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