Summer Festival Screening At The W Hotel!

All Things Hollywood W Summer Screening


Hell.A.   7:15 At the Station Lounge Outdoor Summer Screening!

c480x270_6   HELL.A.
An Original New Comedy Series
Written & Created by Hunter Davis
Produced by Hunter Davis & Chris St. Pierre Speck Productions 2013
Staring: Steve Olson, Robert Hunter, and Roman Cataldo

Covetous – Trailer

Covetous – Trailer Rita, a precocious 15-year-old starts at a new prestigious performing arts academy., But she soon learns that the school is controlled by a small ruling elite- the Priority students These students have long held power and position over everyone else, often gruesomely humiliating them, and standing in the way of the more deserving and talented. To even the scales, she sets about rigging several grisly ‘accidents. robbing each Priority student of their most prized attributes. However, the end soon start to not justify the means as Rita’s plan spins out of control before her very eyes, and the citywide manhunt closes in on her.450132687_640

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