Best Commercial Acting Class

Killian McHugh

Killian McHugh, is by far the highest  rated and in demand commercial class in town, He is also what some would say, the harshest coach in town. His Class is usually in a far wait list “Hints in Demand” He also sometimes runs Camera for Alyson Horn Casting.



Mike Pointer

Mike Pointer’s Hey I Saw Your Commercial is one that might get you the most bang for your buck. His class is in the lower 200s and after the intro and pro class, you have the option of VIP membership for only 100USDs, so for about 500USDs you can get a lifetime of classes from an accepted and reputable acting class.


Francene Selkirk

Francene Selkirk is a Top Casting Director in town and her classes are taught accordingly at Keep it Real Acting with many choices of Affordable Classes.classesscreen



Stuart K. Robinson


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