Killian McHugh ( Killian’s Acting Workshop )

Killian’s Experience

From acting to casting and back again.

Acting History

Where I started

I began auditioning for commercials in 1998. At that time I was thrilled to receive one or two callbacks a month. I believed the same assumptions that many actors hold. I convinced myself that booking a commercial was determined by the “look” of the actor, or that the client decided to “go another way”. I hoped that eventually I would book.

I was content with one or two bookings a year. Then I took a “part-time” job in casting and I discovered that there is, in fact, a method and logic to the seemingly random process of booking a commercial.

The Casting Director Perspective

What I see.

I wish every actor could experience just one day from the casting point of view. For me, it was eye-opening and career changing! I believe that about 60% of the actors I see on a daily basis have no clue how to audition successfully. This is not to say they are not talented actors. Rather, they do not understand HOW to audition. They simply don’t understand the purpose behind the process. Most actors are so concentrated on the “acting” required, they lose sight of the needs of the clients.

Know What Your Client Wants

What you should know.

It is my core belief that if you do not have a firm grasp of the needs of the client BEFORE you enter the audition room, callbacks and bookings will be random or non-existent. Think about it seriously for a minute: how can you expect to give the clients what they need if you have no idea how to figure out what they need? Simply put: most actors don’t know what they don’t know about the audition process.

We Can Help

The Solution.

From Killian Mchugh;

In 2006, at the request of several casting directors and agents, I developed an audition technique class that EMPOWERS THE ACTOR and takes the guessing out of the audition process. My four week workshop teaches any actor, at any age, and from any experience level, how to pinpoint the needs of the client and manipulate the audition process to the actors advantage. This technique puts the actor in control and gives you the knowledge and confidence needed to book the job.

Get Satisfaction

The result.

Knowledge is power!! I took this knowledge and applied it to my own career. I have a 90% callback ratio and a long list of commercial work. The actors that take my workshop can boast the same results. (see ACTORS page) This workshop strives to DE-MYSTIFY the entire commercial casting process for the actor. Be pro-active about your career! Click on the classes page to sign up. Ensure your success for the future!

And A Little Bit Extra

The perks.

This is not “just another” commercial workshop. It is also a showcase! I put a dvd together of the final class and present it to several major commercial casting directors! Click on the calender page and sign up. Ensure your success for the future.




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