Official Selection; Short Film, BiciTown


Bicitown es un corto/documental que retrata la historia de Modou un inmigrante que actualmente reside en Bilbao. Centrados en planos cortos nos mantenemos dentro del personaje haciendo un recorrido por lo que es el centro de su vida ahora mientras nos cuenta qué le llevó a Bilbao y cómo afronta su nueva vida.

English Biofilmography

Born on 14th of October 1990 when he was 16 years old he starts learning about photography by himself. In 2009 he studies a higher education certificate degree in Audiovisual and Show Production that makes him to start getting interested in video as well.

Don’t getting apart from the photography he continues breaking into the video productions making some music videos. In 2011 he studies a postgraduate curse and later a master diploma in photography direction in the ESCAC film school in Barcelona.

Being 23 years old and after making some music videos several advertising pieces and some personal projects where he direct light and edit all the material he starts the BiciTown docu/short; a short piece about a man from Senegal living in Bilbao.

Just finished the BiciTown project and he is already involved in some new video and photographic projects.


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