The Pro-Picks

Moving to Hollywood and breaking into the television and film business can very overwhelming in a world where everyone is trying to sell you their products and services sometimes we might be tempted to fall for the seemingly best price. Well I like many other actors eventually realized that it is expensive to be cheap. Shooting with 3 photographers at a 100 dollars each to get a B level headshot is in no way a better deal than paying 300 dollars once and get an A grade headshot not to mention the time and opportunity cost incurred. This also does not mean anyone who charges above fair market value is a good photographer or acting coach. ¬†All Things Hollywood put together a list of ¬†analyzed and thought out pro picks based on the results produced and who is on the teams of the working actors, because working actors is what we want to be. All Things Hollywood will do it’s best to give you a clear map to get you where you want to be, weather that means Disney, Nickelodeon, Fox, HBO… Who are those Actors working with? At the end of the day the only thing All Things Hollywood cares about keeping up with is the successes of the working professionals and up and coming while weeding out everyone else.

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