All Things Hollywood Film Festival at

All Things Hollywood Co. is singularly unique among world festivals.  Our organization was originally established in late 2010 as a directory of businesses in the Los Angeles area, with the goal of helping actors and filmmakers alike to avoid being taken advantage of by disreputable businesses that are not recognized by the mainstream entertainment industry.  By making sure that talent was acquiring services from the industry at a fair market value, the demand for the directory grew dramatically; soon after, every entertainment-related business was listed, including but not limited to photographers, production houses, printing shops, lighting companies, sound, freelance filmmakers, directors, producers, and more! It was then by overwhelming demand that the All Things Hollywood Film Festival was born, to bring together the actors, directors, talent, distributors, and others listed in the directory to a common ground.  Soon after, our first screening location was held at none other than the world renowned American Film Institute, bringing ATHFF to the most recognized film institute on the planet in the media capital of the world.  Submissions were overwhelming and tickets immediately sold out, causing us to expand the categories and make it a biannual event.  Currently, All Things Hollywood is primarily a vertical structure corporation offering services to filmmakers, prime visibility in our directory of freelancers, ongoing festival presentation, the development of websites at half the price of fair market value, and sponsoring and hosting monthly networking events.  A submission archive, writer/director crew biography, and many more services will be developed in the coming months to make ATH the essential festival for your prime consideration. 

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