Carolyne Barry

This unique workshop developed by Carolyne Barry is the most comprehensive available. The instructors teach the Carolyne Barry commercial audition technique which focuses on developing each actor’s acting skills and on-camera commercial persona. This valuable program features one-on-one, on camera instruction in: Commercial Monologues, Scenes, Interviews, Product Handling and Cue Cards. Each week, students take home copies of their classwork on flash drives.
Twelve students
Work On-camera 2 – 3 times a night
3 – 3 1/2  hours per session – classes start at 7.00 pm
$ 475 for this 8 week workshop (classes meet once a week)
4 classes are taught in Valley Glen (just north of Studio City) and 4 classes in West Hollywood
Teachers: Kimberly Jürgen and/or Lauren Letherer


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