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All Things Hollywood Co. is singularly unique among world festivals.  Our organization was originally established in late 2010 as a directory of businesses in the Los Angeles area, with the goal of helping actors and filmmakers alike to avoid being taken advantage of by disreputable businesses that are not recognized by the mainstream entertainment industry.  By making sure that talent was acquiring services from the industry at a fair market value, the demand for the directory grew dramatically; soon after, every entertainment-related business was listed, including but not limited to photographers, production houses, printing shops, lighting companies, sound, freelance filmmakers, directors, producers, and more! It was then by overwhelming demand that the All Things Hollywood Film Festival was born, to bring together the actors, directors, talent, distributors, and others listed in the directory to a common ground.  Soon after, our first screening location was held at none other than the world renowned American Film Institute, bringing ATHFF to the most recognized film institute on the planet in the media capital of the world.  Submissions were overwhelming and tickets immediately sold out, causing us to expand the categories and make it a biannual event.  Currently, All Things Hollywood is primarily a vertical structure corporation offering services to filmmakers, prime visibility in our directory of freelancers, ongoing festival presentation, the development of websites at half the price of fair market value, and sponsoring and hosting monthly networking events.  A submission archive, writer/director crew biography, and many more services will be developed in the coming months to make ATH the essential festival for your prime consideration. 
The All Things Hollywood Film Festival is now truly unlike any other festival in existence.  We are not just a film festival: we are a supportive network, consisting of one of the largest directory databases of Hollywood entertainment found anywhere. We produce and sponsor a multitude of industry events and mixers, and we keep all films that are submitted in mind for all other projects under consideration, pitching them to other festivals, themed events, for non-profit distribution, etc.  The festival targets an up-and-coming crowd of true future Hollywood moguls, as we work around the clock to make ATH not only a successful festival, but our company itself a sensational new feature of the fabled Hollywood landscape. All Things Hollywood puts all of its talent—the filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, directors and producers—first and foremost: to us, it’s not about the money, it’s about developing a sustainable brand.  To that end, we aim to provide the kind of dignity, class, style and worldwide exposure that makes Hollywood the grandiose fever-dream that it is—and those film dreams will become a Hollywood reality as we move forward with the All Things Hollywood Movement.  Our simple but important mission is to match our clients to their ideal target audiences in their hometown of Hollywood, providing them a nurturing environment free of scam and exploitation. 
All Things Hollywood is the only official All Things Hollywood company in Los Angeles County, and expands far beyond our biannual film festival.  ATH was originally founded in December 2010, beginning as a directory database for industry-reputable businesses with the express aim of helping newcomers to
the industry avoid becoming the victim of the city’s rampant scam culture.  Our database includes, but is not limited to: 
* Classes
* Photographers
* Editors
* Production Houses
* Agents
* Managers
* Locations
…and All Things You Might Be Looking For In Hollywood!   
As our directory exploded in popularity we launched a new freelancer’s area by popular demand, with the express purpose of helping newcomers and entertainment graduates who may not otherwise be able to get the exposure they need; the addition of this freelancer’s section was a big success, allowing the company to expand in exciting new directions.  Moving forward, our founder became involved in entertainment politics, becoming a member of multiple SAG (Screen Actors Guild) committees and serving many festivals.  At this point he realized there was something missing to his dream, and promptly launched the All Things Hollywood film festival division; the first screening was held on March 3, 2012 at the renowned American Film Institute and also became an instant success. 
ATH provides not only newcomers but everyone all over the world a place where they can find simple answers to their questions; a place where they can find reputable acting classics and agents; and a place to avoid costly scams targeting their hard-earned money.  This is the place where talent can get great affordable head shots and attend networking events without losing the essential class, etiquette, and elegance represented by the Hollywood Dream. 

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All Things Hollywood Co. is singularly unique among world festivals.  Our organization was originally established in late 2010 as a directory of businesses in the Los Angeles area, with the goal of helping actors and [...]

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