Production Companies

The Production Group Studios

The Production Group Studios has been providing quality studio services for over 16 years. Productions range from syndicated series, network specials, game shows, infomercials, live broadcasts, Ultimatte/Virtual Reality programming and talk shows.
(323) 469-8111
Hollywood Production Center

The Hollywood Production Center has been serving the professional and entertainment industry in Southern California since 2001, establishing ourselves among the top facility for immediate occupancy of production, post-production, executive offices, creative space and filming locations.

Currently with four locations in the heart of Hollywood and downtown Glendale, we offer a glamorous, chic solution for the entertainment and professional community in need of office space.
323 785 2100
323 462 8179
1st Community Insurance
We value our relationships with our clients and our carriers, and we work hard to place the right risk with the right company. We believe that this philosophy is what makes 1st Community Insurance Services the first choice for all your insurance needs.

1st Community Insurance Services is California’s leading Insurance Agency serving our Community and our Friends throughout the State. As insurance professionals, we believe that evaluating our client’s exposures and covering them properly is more important than pricing the product for sale at the expense of improper coverage.
3D Film Arts
(310) 577-3757;(520) 907-2211
(815) 642-4444
5th & Sunset Los Angeles
(310) 979-0212
(310) 979-0214
7 Wheel Wonders
The concept behind 7 Wheel Wonders is not simply to create another service that takes you from point A to B, it’s about inventing unforgettable moments in between.

Extending beyond the opulence of the ride to reach every aspect of the hospitality industry, we provide our clientele with premier services that are as unique as our fleet of awe-inspiring coaches. Ranging from pre-selected packages and tours to VIP Transportation and fully customizable experiences, our highly trained staff and exemplary concierge service tailors to fit any occasion, company, or event.
(310) 909-3166
A B Sea Photo
(310) 645-8992
(310) 645-3645
A West Coast Film Company, LLC
(818) 980-6131
(818) 980-6133
Aaron & Le Duc
(310) 452-2034
(818) 972-9078;(888) 700-4416
(818) 972-2673
Abusuan Entertainment & Trading
Abusuan Entertainment Group will specialize in four major categories; T.V., film, music, and art dealing. All three founders have been in the categories of Films, T.V, ART and music. From acting, to film production, to T.V. networks as well as the newest internet T.V. platforms UniversalVoice.TV and EnergyXTV as well as concert promotions & artist placement, to emboss pictures & promenade pictures film companies, with extensive multiple years of background from production companies to music and athletes management, with the trinity (3) founders all having their own unique niche and years of experience in their specific field of entertainment. We are the new paradime of entertainment companies today with a global outreach towards international success.

Members of our team have lived and worked throughout the world speaking multiple languages and understand the law, culture, and challenges of living & working throughout various regions of the world. We are teamed up with a wide array of specialists that always put the client first, handle your business issues in a confidential and professional manner.
(310) 329-6977
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Yada/Levine Video Productions
(323) 461-1616
(323) 461-2288
(818) 556-5030
(818) 556-5034
World Wide Digital Services, Inc.
(818) 500-7559
(818) 500-1227
World of Video & Audio (WOVA)
(310) 659-5959;(866) 900-3827
(310) 659-8247
Wooden Nickel Lighting Inc.
(818) 761-9662
(818) 985-0717
Wolfe Air Aviation, Ltd.
(626) 584-4060;(626) 584-4069
Wolf Seeberg Video
(310) 822-4973
(310) 305-8918
Wintech Video
(818) 501-6565
(818) 501-6566
Wilcox Sound and Communications
(818) 504-0507
(818) 504-0921
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