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Access Entertainment, LLC

Access Entertainment, LLC is a licensing and branding consultancy located in the Entertainment Capital of the World – Hollywood, CA on the infamous Sunset Strip. Access represents name & likeness rights for legendary recording artists, Hollywood Big Screen personalities and universally known famous brands.

In addition, Access licenses music masters for a select group of artists including Jimi Hendrix, World Classic Rockers and more. The immense collection of properties provides “access” to massive and targeted demographics which are often unobtainable for many retailers. Access continues to acquire tremendous notoriety via this incredible nostalgic lineup.
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Get Your Reel Done

Los Angeles, California
Raleigh Studios
1600 Rosecrans Ave
Manhattan Beach, California
Telephone:+1 323-207-8454

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Create your Reel

For over four years, Create Your Reel (CYR) has produced demo reels for actors of the highest production value. We write, shoot and edit scenes that showcase the actor.

CYR has pioneered The Minilogue™ – a 20-30 second piece that looks like a clip from film or network television.
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JIG Reel Studios, LLC
121 W. Lexington Drive Suite 352
Glendale, CA 91203
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LA Reels

LA REELS started as a creative business to help actors produce quality content. Together,
over the last 2 years, we have established worldwide clientele and expanded our business
to include:
• Over 700 Acting Demo Reel Scenes
• 8 commercials & industrials
• 8+ shorts films
• A 17 minute SAG Pilot
• A weekly Acting and Filmmaking Workshop via
(LA REELS Acting and Filmmaking Connection)
• Promo videos, original music, scripts and more
LA REELS is a full-service production team with all in-house departments from writing
and conception to production and post-production.
310-974- 0820
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ShowBiz Central

A revolutionary new web and mobile platform that provides career and project management tools for people who work in film, television, and digital media. At ShowBizCentral members can find jobs, find and connect with others in the entertainment industry, and find resources
Perris Valley Skydiving
(951) 657-3904
(951) 657-6178
(310) 779-9935
John Ward Nielsen
(323) 939-9540; (323) 939-7719
(323) 939-7775
Professional Development Center of Glendale Community College
The Professional Development Center of Glendale Community College has been providing state-funded and fee-based training in Southern California since 1985.
The PDC was founded by Glendale Community College in cooperation with the State Chancellor’s Office and the California Employment Training Panel (ETP). Training is funded through ETP disbursement of a percentage of the unemployment tax paid by California employers.
Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatres – Los Angeles
Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre – Los Angeles is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to uplifting and enriching our collective humanity through the dramatic arts. Driven by the belief that growth as an actor and growth as a person are the same, our Academy & Theatre provides the tools, training, and discipline to nurture and support actors who are committed not only to the art form, but to a life of social engagement. In addition to our teaching center, we offer public programming and extensive community outreach, including free and low-cost performances for thousands of patrons as well as some of the city’s most underserved children, families and senior citizens.
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Harp Enchants
American Federation of Musicians, Local 47
Crowds on Demand
Have you ever dreamed of having an adoring crowd cheering your name, proclaiming you a champion and singing your praises through the streets? For most of us, this is only a fantasy. Now, the experience once reserved for Presidents and A-Listers is for sale! Crowds on Demand can organize any group, small or large, within a week’s time. Paparazzi, Reporters, Fans, and Security Guards can all be arranged to spice up your vacation, promote your company, impress a date, or get the word out about yourself.
Space Station Casting Studios
From independent shorts to big budget features and major network TV shows, SPACE STATION has accommodated productions of all sizes for almost 10 years. Space is also available for rehearsals, production meetings, classes and workshops.
Shoot My Events
We are passionate about making you look good and capturing incredible moments.Shoot My Events provides corporate event photography to a wide variety of clients.
The Harman Press
The Harman Press is a forward-thinking print company, family owned and operated for three generations. We continue our tradition of quality and excellence into the digital era.
SLB Printing, Inc.
Welcome to the SLB Printing web site. We have designed this site as an informative tool for you to use in order to make your print buying experience a little easier. You can find many help articles, topics and videos that will show you what do to in order to get that fabulous looking job that you envisioned. Our shop is a boutique shop that large and small companies rely on when they want their printing done right and on time. We are not a web to print shop so you won’t find price pages or order forms here. Thank you for taking the time to visit. We hope our site helped you get to know us a little better and make the choice that we are the right fit for all your printing needs.
Nonstop Printing
Since 1993 we’ve been providing top quality printing products to fashion designers, graphic designers, and many other Los Angeles businesses. Our full line of finishing capabilities in-house helps us ensure our customers can count on us.
(323) 464-1640
(323) 464-1821
Copymat specializes in th production of presentation and marketing materials for professional filmmakers,producers,entertainment executives, model agencies and talent agencies. Having served the entertainment/talent industry for 18 years we have specifically positioned ourselves to respond to your needs and deadlines.We provide fast and professional service.
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