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A rich history in film and broadcasting.

One of the oldest continuously operating studios, Sunset Bronson has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a former hay and barley farm. The original location of Warner Brothers Studios, the lot has been the location for many a pivotal cinematic moment. Talkies were born here with The Jazz Singer, and one of the country’s first radio stations was located on the lot. Starting in 1954, KTLA began broadcasting from here and continues to be a leader in the television broadcasting world today.
Raleigh Studios
In 1915, the studio commenced operations as Famous Players Fiction Studios, with a Mary Pickford production as one of the first features to be filmed on this historic Hollywood lot. Although the silent era was still in full swing, an early owner had the vision to build one of the world’s first soundstages – complete with a glass top so light could enter without disrupting sound recording. This kind of innovation has marked Raleigh Studios throughout its history.
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