LGBT; Freak, Silver Rank

September 11, 2014 All Things Hollywood 0

¬† Like the title character on “Ugly Betty”, Randall O’Brien knows the difficulties of following your heart and pursuing ones dreams. Take a peek inside his little world of spiritual masks, butterflies, angels and fabulous […]


Other Soldier

September 11, 2014 All Things Hollywood 0

Other Soldier June 6th, 1944. D-Day, Normandy, France. Two 82nd airborne US paratroopers miss their drop zone due to heavy enemy fire and land behind enemy lines. They are scattered about 8km from their rendezvous […]


Animation, Short Sighted

September 11, 2014 All Things Hollywood 0

An extraterrestrial crashes his ship in the New Mexico desert which attracts the attention of an elderly hermit. Due to his poor vision, the old man mistakes the alien for his own pet and takes […]


The End Of Our Lives

September 11, 2014 All Things Hollywood 0

After attempting suicide, four people from different walks of life find themselves in Los Angeles for a second chance at living their dreams. Gold Rank, 2011-2012 Winning Feature film, Director;¬†Bryan Sandlin Screening Location, American Film […]