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Click for festivals is a new tool connecting creators and festivals.
For creators and distributors Click signifies the best way to reach any festival throughout the world, offering the possibility of showing their work easily, practically and economically.
In the case of festivals, this is a free tool that will enable them to manage submitted films efficiently and to set optimal communication channels with both creators and juries.
As this is a totally online Platform no physical copies are needed, consequently it offers considerable cost savings, processes are simplified and time is optimized.
And what´s more, we support sustainability and respect for the environment: There are no envelopes; no boxes; and copies needn´t be shipped.

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All Things Hollywood Film Festival at www.ATHFF.com

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All Things Hollywood Co. is singularly unique among world festivals.  Our organization was originally established in late 2010 as a directory of businesses in the Los Angeles area, with the goal of helping actors and [...]

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