Film Festival 

All Things Hollywood Film Festival was founded in 2011 Telling Visual Stories Impacting Hollywood’s DeepestResonance 

New Media

Founded in the inception of new media. ATH was design to maximize exposure live, online, at events, in print and all mediums as timeless as the stories themselves.

Culture of Artistry

What makes ATH’s scripted stories different from the rest of media is the audiovisual creative essence captured reminding us we have more in common than different. 


Is What keeps All Things Hollywood engaged in the common vision to tell stories that change lives, while empowering local businesses and the entertainment economy.


Photography By All Things Hollywood

All Things Hollywood’s  dedication to The Industry

All Things Hollywood has continued to strive to bring the entertainment community together in Los Angeles by brining talent and local businesses together with filmmakers, actors, producers distributers and more over the last 7 years while working and Promoting “Film works LA” in keeping Jobs in Los Angeles since the inception of All Things Hollywood Soon after the Writers’ Strike of 2007-2008. We are once again in unprecedented but exiting times and we are excited to move forward in this new age of mass technology.

As you may already know the Leadership of All Things Hollywood has been generally composed with some of the Original Screen Actors Guild New Media committee relations pioneers, technology connoisseurs and the obsessed financial and market literates providing a unique level of Expertise to All Things Hollywood in relation to other festivals. Therefore, it is our honor in our relentless commitment to the filmmakers, talent, businesses and partners of All Things Hollywood to expand All Things Hollywood Film Festival and All Things Hollywood into the Future of media consumption in our early exploration into how the future of scripted media will be distributed, consumed and funded.

You can rest assured that All Things Hollywood will continue to grow and flourish in the wonderful city of Los Angeles, and we are excited to soon announce a new broader, more global, media and professional peer to peer interactive brand along with ATH.

As you may have already realized much of the media consumed is being de centralized from Los Angeles and the traditional network distribution model. It is now an imperative part of our new mission to keep the Talent members in our network such as yourself on top of market trends and empower you with access and knowledge to navigate the new world of media. More Influencers, brand ambassadors and other personalities continue to take market share of investing and advertising dollars. It is now imperative to understand how to navigate the new world of funding for our passions and continue to do what we love to do while staying true to the art. We believe All existing ATH, members, talent, business and subscribers will be able to benefit from this new mission.

ATHFF Film Festival

Some Of Our Past Official Selections

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